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Greetings All,

Our “Write Words” page is the place where you will find my periodic postings. Today, though, I want to invite you all to settle down into an online space where you can feel free to post your own thoughts. Please consider joining¬† our list serve. You can subscribe by clicking on the link at the left.

You are probably saying all I need is another list serve, I have facebook. This listserve is different because there is intent at its birth to make it different. Facebook is cool, I use it, but sometimes I just want to have an intimate chat with my sisters, network , kick it and have some private time to talk about life as I move and age in this world. Sometimes, I want to moan about my creaking bones, smile about my grey pubs, exhale when I have another hot flash, cry when my mother or grandmother can't or won't remember my name, and wonder if love has passed me by because I'm 60 or 70. This list serve may not be for you, but it might.

Come on over, I dare you to keep loving and growing... If you come to stay, you need to know that you are expected to share the load by talking and sharing with your sisters sometime.

I'll see you there, don't forget to invite a friend...


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In Community Spirit,
Mary Anne Adams
Founder of ZAMI NOBLA




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