Audre Lorde

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The Cancer Journals

Moving between journal entry, memoir, and exposition, Audre Lorde fuses the personal and political as she reflects on her experience coping with breast cancer and a radical mastectomy. Includes photos and tributes to Lorde written after her death in 1992.
Zami: A new spelling of my name. A biomythography by Audre Lorde.

Zami: A New Spelling of My Name: A Biomythography

ZAMI is a fast-moving chronicle. From the author’s vivid childhood memories in Harlem to her coming of age in the late 1950s, the nature of Audre Lorde’s work is cyclical. It especially relates the linkage of women who have shaped her . . . Lorde brings into play her craft of lush description and characterization. It keeps unfolding page after page. Off Our Backs

Chosen Poems - Old and New

Only the worlds of Africa scrutinized in The Black Unicorn, too complex for excerpt, have been excluded. The volume also includes seven new poems. As Adrienne Rich has written, Lorde, for the complexity of her vision, for her moral courage and the catalytic passion of her language, has already become, for many, an indispensable poet. Chosen Poems will provide for Lorde’s readers, both old and new, another proof of this continuing truth.

Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches

Presenting the essential writings of black lesbian poet and feminist writer Audre Lorde, SISTER OUTSIDER celebrates an influential voice in twentieth-century literature. In this charged collection of fifteen essays and speeches, Lorde takes on sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia, and class, and propounds social difference as a vehicle for action and change.

Modern American Poetry: Audre Lorde
From the University of Illinois’ English department, read discussion and analysis of Lorde’s poetry.

New York State Writers Institute – Audre Lorde: State Poet, 1991-1993
Read articles related to the installation of Lorde as the state poet of New York in 1991, where she gave an impassioned speech.

Tribute to Audre Lorde
A tribute to Lorde from the University of Colorado, featuring some of Lorde’s poetry as well as original content.

Voices from the Gaps
University of Minnesota professors Toni McNaron (English) and Carol Miller (American Studies and American Indian Studies) founded VG/Voices from the Gaps in 1996 to uncover, highlight, and share the works of marginalized artists, predominately women writers of color living and working in North America.

Breast Cancer Videos


Additional Resources

A Chicago-based not-for-profit organization which currently serves black lesbian, bisexual women, transgendered women, and lesbigay youth of African descent.

HuffPost BlackVoices
Information and community portal centered on Africa and her Diaspora.

KUMA: Black Lesbian Erotica
E-zine filled with black lesbian poetry, stories, artwork, music, and more.

Spirit Health Education Circle
S.H.E. Circle harnesses the power of this sisterhood or sistahood to empower, energize, and engage African women in a personal journey to healthy living and dis-ease prevention.

Blacklight Online
Online magazine for gay/lesbians of color.

Atlanta-based organization serving GLBT teens and young people, ages 13-24.

Zuna Institute
A national advocacy organization for black lesbians that was created to address the needs of black lesbians in the areas of health, public policy, economic development, and education.