Nonprofit Organization Leadership Internship Program


ZAMI NOBLA is a national organization of black lesbians 40 + promoting positive aging through a social justice framework. We use advocacy, culture, the arts, community-based programming and research as connecting points. We fight actively against ageism, ableism, homophobia, racism, sexism, classism, and transphobia. We AIM to affirm, empower and support each other in creating new paradigms for conscious aging. We center service, advocacy, and community-engaged research. We offer support groups, elder housing, community gardens, educational activities, social networking, scholarships, training, public policy development, and needs based community programming.


We have volunteer internship openings for our Nonprofit Organization Leadership Internship Program that will work with ZAMI NOBLA’s Founding Executive Director to assist our organization in the day-to-day operations and in strategic planning. These interns will experience the many aspects of nonprofit leadership and get a sample of how each of these aspects plays a role in creating a strong and sustainable organization. The location of this internship will be at our East Point, Georgia office. Preferably the intern(s) would have their own transportation.


Duration: August 1 – December 31, 2019

Hours: Weekdays (flexible); occasional evenings and weekends preferred.

Learning Goals:

  • Interns will become familiar with basic nonprofit governance
  • Interns will learn how to read and interpret financial statements and budgets
  • Interns will learn the fundamentals of nonprofit budgeting
  • Interns will be introduced to the strategic planning process
  • Interns will understand the role that grants play in funding small nonprofits and the fundamental aspects of the grant writing process
  • Interns will improve their communication and organizational skills
  • Interns will develop an understanding of the use of databases in a small nonprofit
  • Interns will gain knowledge on how outreach is conducted for a nonprofit organization in an urban community setting
  • Interns will gain an understanding of how to effectively recruit and organize people to volunteer with a nonprofit organization
  • Interns will gain experience with preparing and delivering outreach materials
  • Interns will learn how to represent a nonprofit organization
  • Interns will develop skills to organize varied meetings

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Prepare agendas for meetings
  • Assist in leading meetings
  • Assist in the updating of the organization budget
  • Review recent grant proposals
  • Review potential grant opportunities for organizational fit
  • Assist in the writing of at least one grant proposal
  • Assist in database management
  • Assist the director with daily operations

Other Specific Intern Responsibilities:

  • Training – Interns will receive a comprehensive introduction to the organization. Interns will receive as much training as needed on daily operations and nonprofit basics. Interns will have more training and experience on the areas where she would like to focus, while still working on areas that need improvement:
  • Specific Tasks: Fundraising, Black Lesbian Elder Housing Renovation, Community Gardening, Podcast Production, Financial Literacy, Membership Recruitment, Member Chapter Development, Event Planning/ Coordination, Advocacy, Social Media Maintenance, and Community-Engaged Research.

Application Materials: These internships are open until filled. Please send an email cover letter or resume
to that explains: 1) your interest in the internship; 2) an outline of coursework and or experience that is relevant and interconnected with this internship. All individuals interested in increasing local, fresh food access or nonprofit management are encouraged to apply regardless of current experience. We will contact applicants and then conduct in-person interviews.

Contact: If you have questions, please send an email to